TRAVEL – Jaipur – India

We arrived in the thick of night, the train was a slow stopping train and, as we left Agraover an hour and thirty min’s late, we arrived into Jaipur very late. We were again asked when we alighted at Jaipur if we needed a taxi, but fortunately our friendly driver was waiting for us. We piled into the old Ambassador, one of India’s famous legends of a car. With the bang of the doors we were off, and with the throaty sound of the engine warming up, we flew down the dark lanes of Jaipur.

The hotel was a real Indian gem, perfectly themed, fit for the Royal Raj. Its claim to fame is, it’s going to be used for the filming of the next ‘Best exotic marigold hotel’. The following morning we took a auto for the day exploring the Pink City which was a little bit of an anti-climax.  However, the Palace with its lavish doorways and decorative building style was well worth a visit; the image used on Lonely Planet guides front cover is taken here at Jaipur’s city palace.



The city struggles to cope with the large volumes of traffic trying to squeeze through its ancient archways and streets. On the way to the tombs our auto nearly took the head off of a camel as we raced in front of the camel and its rider. The area is well known for its camel fairs. Fortification lines the surrounding hills;

I would imagine it’s similar to the Great Wall of China – just not the same length. When we arrived at the tombs we were the only ones there, making it very strange from the busy street of the city below. It’s a beautiful complex of tomb memorials but is obviously off the beaten track for most tourists.


The climb up though the pass through the mountains and gateway to Amber is most impressive; the view of Amber Fort is something to behold with the lake below.  There is a second fort above the main fort with the small tower nestling in the valley, surrounded on every side with an extensive wall. After the steep hill climb the palace is full of amazing photographic opportunities from its impressive arches, gateways and rooms, which fill this heavily defended and luxurious palace. A secret passage way leads to the second fort.  This is a mile or so uphill, and if you’re on your feet all day and in the Indian sun, this maybe just a little too much!

t you get an auto for the day this is the point they may wish to take you to buy gifts, it may be interesting but they will push for a sale. Be a hard barterer, they may say it’s their only sale but it’s not! The right price is around 75% less than what they first quote you; the more of a tourist you look the higher the price!

We returned back for a great meal at the hotel’s sister hotel. I cannot rate it more highly and it is a definite must to stay there if you are in Jaipur.






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