TRAVEL – Amritsar – India

A few selected images from a recent trip to India the first State is Punjab.

We arrived into Amritsar military airport; first on the list was the Pakistan border.

Every evening at around 5pm (this was about the only thing that was early during our trip!) the gates between the two countries close, to the sound of either uproar or cheering from a few thousand spectators. Most guidebooks relate it more to comic entertainment than anything else.


You won’t escape without being harassed by everyone selling the same souvenir DVD, postcards and a plastic looking toy which I think is a souvenir to put on the mantelpiece when you get home…

Rather than violent actions, the slightly more peaceful approach of chanting and cheering or booing can be observed.

One of the most stunning sights to see is the Golden Temple of Amritsar.

I think at night it has a certain magical influence as you turn the corner and see an expensive jewel of India reflected in the lake that surrounds it – and you don’t have to barter: it’s free! If you don’t mind the smell of stinking feet, and you don’t mind people seeing you toes it’s a truly magnificent sight.

I The sikhs actually drink the water you wash your feet in! A free meal is also offered to anyone, which is probably one of India’s biggest eat-outs.


Just down the road is the site of the famous Amritsar massacre which most will say was one of the main turning points toward India’s independence. Here, hundreds of Indians were killed by the British.

RIGHT: This is the alley thousands of Indians tried to escape the shooting.

The side streets are full of hustle and bustle as anywhere in India, with regular hold ups. They are full of colour and a maze so we just had to keep a good track of where we had gone.


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The gallery below shows a range of photos from the side streets to the night Indian wedding viewed from our hotel window at night. Please click on the photos to make them larger.